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Don't choose just any attorney after you've been arrested for a criminal offense. By representing yourself or by choosing the friend of a friend who happens to be a lawyer, you're opening yourself up to a more difficult sentence that you may have been able to minimize by calling a criminal defense attorney like the ones at Grunau Law Office. We understand that arrests can be the result of a poor decision or unjustified. Regardless if the nature of the crime, we will represent you professionally if you contact us.


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After you've been arrested, you absolutely need a lawyer who knows the state and federal laws inside and out. It also needs to be someone who you can trust with your future and who knows your rights. Whether it's a misdemeanor (such as theft or DUI/DWI) or a felony, trust the Grunau Law Office in Morgantown. Call us at (304) 291-6166 to get started. We can also be reached by filling out the form found on this webpage.