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Civil Rights Cases

From race to sexual orientation discrimination, Grunau Law Office can help you

Get help with civil rights cases like sexual orientation discrimination.
Get help with all kinds of civil rights cases like race, religion or sexual orientation discrimination today.

Civil Rights Cases from Grunau Law Office


The first step you should take when you believe your civil rights have been violated is to contact a lawyer. Fortunately, the team at Grunau Law Office in Morgantown is on your side. We're open to civil rights cases for many civil issues (including religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation discrimination) and we'll determine the best stance based on your situation. Allow us to stand up for you and prove that your basic rights have been disregarded or denied.


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Fighting For You In Civil Rights Cases

At Grunau Law Office in Morgantown WV, we understand your rights have been violated and we will work tirelessly against those who have wronged you to achieve positive results in your favor. Whether it's sexual orientation discrimination or other types of civil rights cases like race or religious discrimination, reach us by phone at (304) 291-6166 or fill out the form attached to this webpage to begin the litigation process.